The story behind Wallflower Chocolate Company

Gregg Seltzer has been a soldier, businessman, architectural photographer and finally a Strength & Conditioning Coach.

After suffering a career ending injury while competing in an event with his athletes, Gregg was provided an opportunity to purchase a local candy store. As all of the candies in the store were made by outside sources, so Gregg began make plans to produce at least some of the stores offering himself - items such as caramel apples, bonbons, truffles and chocolate bars.

Certainly with his background in health and fitness, all of his clients, family and friends were amazed that he would go into the candy business and honestly, Gregg was a little at odds about the radical change himself. However, he knew from his nutritional training that chocolate bars which are high in cacao were actually healthy, in moderation of course.

So, Gregg began to research what was involved making a chocolate bar. So fascinated with the process was Gregg that he began making chocolate right in his home kitchen. Further, he studied the Art and science of being a Chocolate Maker and Chocolatier at the Ecole Chocolat in Canada where Gregg ultimately became certified as a Chocolate Maker and Chocolatier graduating with Honors.

Today, Gregg and his wife Juvy make from scratch dark, milk and white chocolate bars as well as bonbons, truffles and their Big Cookies of various varieties, all featuring Wallflower Chocolate.

The company name Wallflower was in part inspired by the band "Wallflowers" popular in the 1990's featuring frontman Jakob Dylan as well as the movie "The Perks of Being a Wallflower".