Ecole Chocolate Maker & Chocolatier Professional Certifications


Certified Chocolate Maker/ Chocolatier

You have clicked on my Certified Chocolate Maker/ Chocolatier badges.

Both Badges represents not only my passion for fine chocolate craftsmanship but also my successful completion of a formal education in art of making chocolate as well as crafting confections made from chocolate, such as truffles and bonbons.

It celebrates the high level of knowledge and skills I obtained while training as a chocolate maker and chocolatier. These became the foundation for my career in chocolate.

My use of the badge certifies that:

I understand cacao cultivation and processing practices on a detailed level and how those factors impact the unique flavor of each chocolate I manufacture. 

I appreciate the importance of cocoa bean sourcing, including understanding cocoa bean origin, sourcing consistent suppliers, understanding sustainability and organic and fair-trade issues in order to ensure quality and tractability.

I constantly develop my skills and techniques in order to transform cocoa beans into a perfect chocolate from my own point of view. This includes training my palate in identifying cocoa bean flavor based on a formal and detailed tasting regimen.

I understand the chemistry of chocolate and how its chemical properties determine a chocolate's performance when used in different techniques. I am familiar with the cocoa manufacturing process and the equipment that supports it.

I have experience in professional chocolate making skills and techniques including tempering and molding. I am knowledgeable about the equipment used to turn dried cocoa beans into flavorful, high-quality chocolate. 

I respect my customers and their intelligence by being open about the ingredients and processing of my chocolate. I keep my product labels, promotional materials and marketing messages accurate and don't make claims that I cannot support.

Thank you for choosing the Wallflower Chocolate Company.