Dark Chocolate Bar and roasted Cacao Nibs from Wallflower Chocolate

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About The Wallflower Chocolate Company

Wallflower Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer based in Chino, California. Bean-to-Bar meaning we source and importing the cocoa beans, and then go through a multi- step production process which leads eventually to a delicious dark bar of chocolate. Led by certified Chocolate Maker and Chocolatier Gregg Seltzer, Wallflower makes Dark, Milk and white as well Chocolate Bars as well as Chocolate Confections, such as bonbons and truffles with precision detail, craftsmanship, creativity, and beautiful simplicity. Our cookie collection featuring Wallflower Chocolate are also fan favorites.

Wallflower Chocolate Company creates its Signature Semi Sweet Chocolate bars, confections, Cookies and other yummy chocolate related items from only the best sourced ingredients our planet has on offer, ensuring joyfulness with each and every bite.